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Burger Pie on the Braai

Burger Pie on the Braai

This modern twist of a good old classic inspired by Deanre Reiners will have the whole family shouting for more!

  • Serves: 6 - 8
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Prep time:
  • Cooking time:
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    1 red onion
    400 g cherry tomatoes
    45 ml (3 tbsp) red wine vinegar
    500 g lean beef mince
    2 cups cooked Spekko Saman White Rice
    braai seasoning
    1 kg – 1.5 kg puff pastry
    1 egg
    olive oil
    gherkins to serve


    1. Finely slice the onion and halve the cherry tomatoes. Mix together. Add the red wine vinegar and salt. Set aside.
    2. Combine the mince and rice. Generously season with braai salt and mix well.
    3. Brush the patties with olive oil to prevent them from sticking to the grill.
    4. Braai the patties for about 15 minutes, turning regularly. Season on the braai.
    5. Shape the meat into small balls and flatten to form a pattie.
    6. Roll out the puff pastry sheets. Use a small bowl to cut out 12 – 16 rounds of pastry, same size as the patties.
    7. Next, place the puff pastry on your grill. Brush with whisked egg for a golden gloss.
    Braai for 10 – 15 minutes, turning frequently.
    8. Serve with the tomato and onion salad, and some sliced gherkins.

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