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Brown Rice Pancakes with Chocolate and Berries

Brown Rice Pancakes with Chocolate and Berries

This most delicious brown rice pancake layer cake with berries, chocolate, cream and caramelised hazelnuts was cooked at a Spekko celebrity chefs cook-off by Le Roux van Vuuren.

  • Serves: 4
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Prep time:
  • Cooking time:
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    For the pancakes
    1kg Spekko Saman Brown Rice
    2 Eggs
    250ml (1 cup) Sunflower oil
    1L (4 cups) Water
    10ml (2 tsp) Baking powder
    Salt to taste
    Vanilla essence
    5ml (1 tsp) Vinegar
    Oil for frying

    For the filling 
    150g Dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids)
    50g Unsalted butter
    Salt to taste
    180g Hazelnuts
    600ml Fresh cream
    100g White sugar
    50ml Water
    Vanilla essence
    30ml (2 tbsp) Golden brown sugar
    Assorted fresh berries


    1. Ground the brown rice in a food mixer to a flour.
    2. Mix eggs and oil and beat until foamy. Add water.
    3. Add brown rice flour, baking powder and salt and mix through.
    4. Lastly add vanilla and vinegar and mix. Set aside to rest for 10 minutes.
    5. Make pancakes by frying. Set aside.
    6. To make the filling, heat the chocolate, butter and a pinch of salt in a double boiler.
    7. Crush nuts.
    8. Remove the melted chocolate mixture form the heat and add 200 ml of the cream and a handful of nuts.
    9. Make a caramel sauce by heating the 100 g sugar n 50 ml water. Cook until caramelised  – about 1 minutes. Remove from the heat and add 100 ml of the cream.
    10. Beat the remaining cream until stiff. Add vanilla and the brown sugar. Set aside.
    11. To plate, layer the pancakes, chocolate cream mix, caramel sauce, stiff cream mix and berries.
    12. Garnish with extra cream, berries, nuts and shaved chocolate.

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