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Quality is the key ingredient

Spekko is synonymous with quality. It is the single source 100% Thai rice grown by the best producers in the best estates in the world. Only rice of a consistently high standard makes the cut. The result? Every grain of rice in every pack of Spekko is of a premium grade. Spekko rice is never bulked up or mixed with inferior grains, unlike many other brands.
In fact, Spekko is double polished and double sortexed for a greater degree of consistency. It is also extra well-milled for a whiter colour.

Variety is the spice of life

Is it time to shake up your rice routine? There’s no excuse to be boring with Spekko’s five premium variants. They are selected from the largest and most reputable rice growers in the world. Added to their amazing quality, each variant is versatile and easy to prepare. So get started making meals more adventurous… There’s a whole world to explore with Spekko!
It’s good to know that three of the five variants are approved by the Low GI Foundation and carry the official Low GI rating. They are also gluten-free, making them a delicious and healthy staple.

Find the foodie in you

Grab your apron and come with us on a flavour adventure! Because with Spekko in the cupboard you have amazing quality rice that’s versatile and easy to prepare, giving you the freedom to throw away the rule book and have some fun. So whether you’re making a quick snack or cooking up a 3-course meal, be bold and try something new. Because a fresh and flavourful experience, is the most delicious thing.

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